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The law firm DE BROECK - VAN LAERE & Partners, with offices in Brussels, Ghent and Antwerp, has grown, since 1998, into a professional and dynamic team of lawyers offering companies and private individuals integrated legal services ranging from compliance to consulting and litigation, led by the following partners: Leo De Broeck, Didier Van Laere, Jan Van Camp, Bart Coopman and Marc Quaghebeur.

In contrast to traditional law firms, we work as tax "business lawyers" and estate planners and consider companies and their managers to be our principal client group.

Our objective is to find tailor-made and pragmatic solutions, while paying special attention to quality and strategic insight.

Our law office is based on two complementary pillars:
the Tax Department

the Corporate Department

Our specialist and academic know-how and the permanent synergy between both departments are undeniably one of the firm's strongest assets and are conducive to the settlement of cases.

In order to optimise the services provided to our growing client base, we strive to enhance our knowledge of the law continually by teaching seminars, actively taking part in academic activities and contributing to frequently to books and magazines in our area of specialisation.

In our news message of 24 November: "Corporate Directors must charge VAT" we reported that the optional VAT exemption for corporate directors would be abolished on 1 January 2015. The tax authorities have decided to suspend this decision until 1 January more
08-12-14 Aanslag geheime commissielonen ingrijpend hervormd
Niet alleen daalt het tarief van de aanslag geheime commissielonen spectaculair van 309 tot 103 of zelfs 51,5%, het wordt ook gemakkelijker om de aanslag te vermijden, namelijk door de verkrijger van de vergoeding of het voordeel bekend te maken. De nieuwe regels zijn ook van toepassing op alle hangende geschillen. more
05-12-14 Liquidatiereserve om liquidatieheffing te vermijden
Winsten die opgenomen worden in een zogenaamde liquidatiereserve in ruil voor een heffing van 10%, kunnen nadien zonder belasting of aan een gunsttarief uitgekeerd worden - niet alleen bij een liquidatie. Op die manier wordt, in aangepaste vorm, het regime bestendigd dat de vorige regering tijdelijk in het leven geroepen had om de drastische verhoging van de liquidatieheffing verteerbaar te more
24-11-14 Corporate Directors must charge VAT
Individuals who have been appointed as a director or a managing director of a company are not liable to VAT. They are not obliged to register for VAT and they do not charge VAT on their director's more
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